Corinne Atkins


Corinne Atkins is a 200 RTY certified yoga instructor trained in the tradional practice of Ashtanga. Her passion and personality can be found in her signature Power Vinyasa classes. She also loves to take it back to basiscs in her beginning classes.

She found yoga as an alternative to a gym workout after a series of significant losses that resulted in depression and a 75 pound weight gain. Over the course of 8 months, she experienced the true meaning of yoga. Through yoga, Corinne found self-acceptance, renewed joy, a deeper sense of spirituality and a 100 pound weight loss! Her signature Power Vinyasa classes are a result of her journey targeting the whole body through mindful movement and breath. Corinne has dedicated her life to yoga and, as a studio owner, is invested in the well being of the community and committed to making yoga available to EVERYONE!